Georges Delerue

" Dramatic engaging listen on occassions "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The stirring Chouans is quite stirring when the main theme is unleashed. This happens in the begin, middle and end. In between Chouans is not as stirring, but damn fine nonetheless. The expected baroque pieces are numerous, several marching tunes are present to show us the army is on board, and a very sweet love theme is addressed one single time ("Aurele et Celine"), stuff that definitely warrants some attention for Delerue fans. Something is missing though, and somehow I find the lack of a stirring finale one of the key missing ingredients (again why this had to be placed in the middle and not the end is beyond me). In general, Chouans definitely hits several spots, but lacks something too. Perhaps a shorter and different album experience would have made another impact. Plus I could have gone for a couple more love theme performances too. Good, not great.

The stirring theme is quite memorable, I love Delerue in this mode.
That love theme is so lovely, why is it so alone on this album?
The track listing is bizarre, why do the end credits have to be in the middle if it could have given the album a big send off?
Though all is interesting enough, I could have accepted a downtime of about 10 minutes easily.

Track Listing

1. Chouans (Générique Début) (1.46)
2. Les Naissances (2.27)
3. L'Envol de la Mongoleire (1.23)
4. Va Vers la Joie (1.32)
5. La Fete au Chateau (1.46)
6. Menuet (1.57)
7. Pavane (1.30)
8. Les Chouans Devant le Chateau (5.01)
9. Aurele et Celine (1.30) Excellent track
10. La Separation (1.38)
11. Lanterne Magique (1.09)
12. Le Village Incendie (1.45)
13. Theme des Chouans (2.24) Excellent track
14. Chouans (Générique de Fin) (3.07) Excellent track
15. Le Depart De Tarquin (2.35)
16. Laisse-Moi Rever (1.15)
17. L'Armee Risling (1.08)
18. L'Envol (2.11)
19. L'Evasion de Celine (6.32)
20. La Lettre Perdue (2.34)
21. La Mort de Viviane (2.23)
22. La Bataille (1.53)
23. Apres la Bataille Dans la Nuit (1.27)
24. L'Adieu a Viviane (1.53)

Total Length: 52.46
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Released by

Carrere 66.538 (regular release 1988)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue