Capricorn One

Jerry Goldsmith

" Capricorn One receives its 6th release! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Capricorn One has an interesting film premise, and it has above all an intriguing soundtrack history. First released on LP in the year of its release, it received after that countless re issues. Each one having a little more of material or better sound quality. It was like everyone wanted to release this classic. I suppose for Goldsmith enthusiasts it is a big deal, and I suppose there will always be people around who haven't acquired it yet. But its numerous releases surely feels a bit ridiculous nonetheless. And even if it's a classic, it isn't one I would particularly rate among his best. The score itself is primarily a slow tension builder, the way it builds with subtle suspense the main theme through "The Message" and "The Long Climb / Flare N. 2" is interesting, after it pompously opened the score in "Main Title". Or the way it handles the conspiracy at first rather eerie and foreboding ("The Letter"). When the truth begins to come out, Goldsmith turns back to his pompous main theme, and unleashes it with more propulsive suspenseful rhythms ("Break Out"). In contrast lies the more romantic "Kay's Theme" (which is first heard in the typical disco version). However its much more pleasing in "Bedtime Story" and the wonderful "The Celebration". Goldsmith's score is good, but it's always been one that neglects to fully wow me. It's highly effective and it will definitely thrust the picture to higher levels. But just like The Cassandra Crossing, it tends to delve itself too deep in its suspenseful sound, a sound I'm not always open to accept. Perhaps this is a classic, but no matter the countless already released versions, something about it doesn't change my impression of it. Perhaps the seventh release of it will ...

Goldsmith's style in general, everything with him is bigger than it usually is. ("The Celebration")
Kay's romantic theme, again the complete counterpart to the more abrasive main theme.
Nothing wrong with the sound here, it sounds great.
The tone in general for me, this suspenseful sound never fully captured me.
The few moments where the action goes to another level "Break Out" and "The Station" have a brief climax. Not enough!

Track Listing

1. Main Title (1.15)
2. Abort 1 (1.34)
3. Abort 2 (0.35)
4. Capricorn Control (0.28)
5. Mars (1.21)
6. Docking (2.50)
7. Working Overtime (0.46)
8. We Have Landed (1.03)
9. The Message (3.55)
10. Kay's Theme [Trio Source] (3.30)
11. Elliot is Missing (0.17)
12. The Letter (2.59)
13. Break Out (5.08)
14. The Desert (0.31)
15. Bedtime Story (2.37)
16. The Helicopters (1.09)
17. Hide and Seek (1.25)
18. No Water (2.48)
19. Flare No. 1 (0.33)
20. The Long Climb / Flare No. 2 (3.55)
21. The Snake (3.36)
22. To Bru From Kay (1.51)
23. The Station (5.32)
24. The Celebration (01:41) Excellent track
25. End Title (2.14) Excellent track

Bonus Tracks
26. Fanfare Source (0.14)
27. Docking (Original) (2.50)
28. Break Out (LP imitation) (3.07)

Total Length: 59.42
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Released by

Intrada INT 7142 (regular release 2015)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton