Jerry Goldsmith

" One track is sometimes all you need! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Caboblanco sounds like a dark adventure to me, at least judging by the music. The way it opens, with that wonderful exotic main theme and its dancing rhythms is nothing compared to the sometimes dark mood that follows it. That's why I'm having a hard time connecting to the music after the second track. There's a song in between and an instrumental piece written by Roy Noble, but for most of the time it's Goldsmith's music and it hardly raises an eyebrow. Again we open with the best the score has to offer. A charming delightful piece for guitar and maraca's, setting the strings in motion and capturing a light exotic Western touch ala The Wind and the Lion. At this point I was already convinced this would be something amazing. Alas what we discover after that is nothing that amazing. The long action / suspense cues "Boat Attack / Jungle Run" and "Hide and Seek" offer nothing special, playing more on the suspenseful mood than on the rare brass fanfares. The lovely jazzy finale is nice, but it doesn't bring back the exotic flavor of the first track. Caboblanco lacks something and I have a feeling it focuses too much on the dark adventure. For Goldsmith fanatics the main theme is a must, but in general I didn't got that excited anymore after I heard that wonderful theme.

Wow, what an opener. Again Goldsmith delivering a stunning theme.
While wonderfully written, that excitement and passion makes way for darker music.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (2.38) Excellent track
2. The Diving Bell (2.48)
3. "The Very Thought of You" * (3.59)
4. Beckdorf's House (1.47)
5. The Drowning (2.02)
6. The Heaven Knows: Carol Heather (3.32)
7. "The Very Thought of You" * / Love Scene (1.13)
8. Boat Attack / Jungle Run (6.20)
9. Hide and Seek (6.41)
10. The Final Act Begins (1.58)
11. The End of Beckdorf (1.56)
12. "The Very Thought of You" * / Finale and End Credits (4.47)

* Composed by Roy Noble

Total Length: 39.41
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 127 (regular release 1993)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The National Philharmonic Orchestra