Jerry Goldsmith

" Breakout doesn't break out enough "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Breakout of Jerry Goldsmith is one of those scores that always passed me by, because many people just didn't talk about it. Reason to see whether it was justified. And in some kind of way, yes this is not the Goldsmith that wins over lost souls. But it still has potential. Perhaps some day (which will come sooner than perhaps expected), someone will decide this warrants an upgrade in sound and presentation. And yes, it will make Breakout already a winner on intensity alone. Because it's in the intensity of Goldsmith's action / suspense music that Breakout still deserves a shot. The 2 "Break Out" cues are highly similar in ideas and rhythm, but they carry a brutal force to them that make'em the stuff you wish to hear in full pristine sound quality. And it's in the action that Goldsmith starts where The Omen, Night Crossing and many others kept improving in. Meaning, Breakout is not there yet. What's definitely not there is the rather uninteresting first 10 cues, leaving you wanting ... more. Still we have the main theme and a love theme, both not making a grand impression. Serviceable yes, but not spectacular. What is there else to say? Well the synths (no matter how briefly) don't sell this album, the Mexican rhythm on the other hand does and is when applied a hit. Ahhh, in better sound quality I see myself liking Breakout more than it does now. Serviceable, and of course miles ahead of most of today's music.

Action rarely fails, even if everything else is uninspiring it's where he becomes inspiring.
The Mexican rhythm screams out for more airtime.
That first part is not really interesting.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (4.25)
2. False Arrest (1.07)
3. The Prison (1.49)
4. Buried Alive (4.31)
5. Ambushed (2.29)
6. Hasty Exit (2.15)
7. Schemes (1.54)
8. No More Money (0.52)
9. All Yours (1.50)
10. Farewells (1.04)
11. Border Crossing (1.21)
12. Miraculous Recovery / Waiting Game (1.23)
13. Waiting / Bear Hug (1.20)
14. Breakout, Part 1 (2.16)
15. Breakout, Part 2 / Here They Come! (3.23)
16. The Tail / Just Routine (1.46)
17. Stalking / End Title (6.10)

Total Length: 39.07
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Released by

Prometheus PCR 502 (limited release 1999)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton