Black Knight

Randy Edelman

" Catchy and thematic enough for an occasional listen "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Black Knight is a tried and tested formula. Send someone back in another time while they are unconscious. Of course Martin Lawrence in the middle ages was always considered to be the comical formula, one that would not work with just about everybody. For the music Randy Edelman was delivering his usual flair. Meaning easy but fun and at times catchy music. And while Black Knight might not look the part, it more or less delivers its part. It's much more thematic than I expected it to be (no matter the simple melodies that are brought with it) and it has just about enough panache to keep you interested. The period music is hardly there, but Edelman delivers it with a modern beat that makes it catchy and lively ("Middle Age Inn", "Training for the Battle"). Plus it has once again various themes and a lot of enjoyable tunes to keep one interested. Plus plus it's hardly a long affair, so it passes by pretty quickly. Fun as like it was meant to be.

A typical melange of Edelman tunes, somehow in all the easiness it just works.
Edelman unleashes various cool moments of score, such as "Castle World" and the thematic "The Black Knight".
And what about a serenade bringing some life to the middle ages? "The Middle Age Inn" is simple but catchy!
"Renaissance Sway" is a solid combination of the 2 themes.
No matter the attractiveness though, it remains pretty simple.

Track Listing

1. A Queen and a Dream (2.52)
2. Castle World (1.19)
3. Jamal on Horseback (1.21)
4. Danger in the Early Morning Mist (1.46)
5. A Medieval "Hood" (2.16)
6. Romance in the Dark (1.21)
7. The Black Knight (2.39)
8. One Day With Honor (1.58)
9. Escape Over the Moat (2.38)
10. The Middle Age Inn (1.52)
11. Upcoming Execution (1.47)
12. Winning the Crowd (1.20)
13. Looking Toward a Rainbow (2.29)
14. Where's Victoria? (1.03)
15. Checkmate (0.31)
16. Training for the Battle (1.08)
17. Elliot's Lullaby (0.49)
18. Backwood Rebels (2.12)
19. Renaissance Sway (3.29)
20. Closing (1.37)

Total Length: 36.27
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 307 2 (regular release 2001)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro & Guy Moon