Anne of the Thousand Days

Georges Delerue

" Authentic period music "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Anne of the Thousand Days comes one year after Thibaud The Crusader, an answer why Delerue was brought on board this period drama. And the authenticity is one of the strengths of this score. A fanfare as "Overture", a touching theme for Anne and a lot of period serenades, it's Anne of the Thousand Days in a nutshell. Sad that the second part is only spend on the source music from the 16th Century, delivering authentic pieces through the use of the instrumentation of that time. And while this aids the authenticity of the whole score, it leaves me wanting more of Delerue's music. Considering it opened strong, I was kinda sad it did not present more of his intentions instead. Trust me, that "Overture" can be found on Delerue compilations instead, and in better sound quality.

A pompous fanfare and a touching dramatic theme as opener, it could be worse ;-)
The score breaths craftsmanship and authenticity.
Due to the authenticity, the score focuses too much on the serenades and the fanfares, and not on Delerue's emotional strengths.

Track Listing

1. Overture (3.56) Excellent track
2. Court Airs and Dances (4.20)
3. Lute Song (1.33)
4. Farewell My Love (2.07)
5. Fanfare and Dances dor Henry VIII (3.41)
6. Execution and Epilogue (3.14)
7. Three Popular Dances * (3.09)
8. I. A Point / II. Tanndernaken / III. Tres Partes In Una ** (3.21)
9. I. Pavan / II. The Fairie Round / III. The Montebanks' Dance *** (4.43)
10. Lord Willobies Welcome Home **** (1.35)
11. I. Frog Galliard / II. My Lord Of Oxenford's March ***** (3.47)

* (Anonymous) Performed by New York Pro Musica
** (I. Thomas Tallis / II. Henry VIII / III. John Munday) Performed by New York Pro Musica
*** (I. + II. Anthony Holborne / III. Anonymous) Performed by New York Pro Musica
**** (William Byrd) Performed by New York Pro Musica
***** (I. John Dowland / II. William Byrd) Performed by New York Pro Musica

Total Length: 35.26
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Released by

Decca Records DL 79174 (regular release 1970)