Angels in the Outfield

Randy Edelman

" Angels in Randy's Outfield "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Randy Edelman lets angels descend with a catchy theme, enough to keep us entertained for the remaining half hour. Angels in the Outfield is hardly high art, but it's sweet and lighthearted, charming and uplifting. All the ingredients for a Disney movie I hardly ever heard of. For the trained Randy Edelman ear it will not deliver anything new, but in this day and age where we miss that kind of lightheartedness, it might come at the right time to keep it short, to the point and sweet enough for a sweet "Edelman" tooth such as yourself.

Typical sweet Randy Edelman charm and bounciness.
Funny and very original sound for Al (Christopher Lloyd).
Score's light of heart, overall easy to listen to and just right of album length.
Barely a moment of that "to be expected" suspense tone.
Of course nothing amazing to report here, it's standard and non essential.

Track Listing

1. Opening (2.43)
2. The Wave (2.36)
3. Torn Apart (2.23)
4. Skyburst (2.20)
5. Rock & Roll Angels (1.19)
6. Nightime (2.06)
7. Al Pops Up (1.32)
8. A Warm Conversation (1.56)
9. Sandlot Shuffle (2.42)
10. Press Conference (2.20)
11. A Place For Mel (2.01)
12. Magical Moments (1.57)
13. Man of the Hour (3.53)
14. Black Clouds (2.16)
15. Finale (1.56)

Total Length: 34.00
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Released by

Hollywood Records HR 61608-2 (regular release 1994)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro