Randy Edelman

" Anaconda gets the job done "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Anaconda was a B-film in a A-format, and Randy Edelman happily provided his services to it. Does it make it better? Well it gets the job done, but like most of his scores, Edelman's suspense music doesn't always work. And considering Anaconda does deliver quite a bit of suspense it makes it rather uncomfortable at times. The more positive strength comes from the ethnic theme and the occasional bouncy optimism, such as the thoroughly bouncy "Travelogue" and the lovely "This Must be Heaven". The mixture is then of course one for the fans. At one end you have lovely and soothing dramatic music, at the other end the typical suspense music (with electric guitars) that is effective but nothing extraordinary. Anaconda is take it or leave it serviceable to a degree, but then it's up to you to decide if that's enough.

Main theme is a gentle ethnic theme, the suspense theme (aka Anaconda theme) is then typical Edelman.
The calm music (with the theme) does surprise, like "This Must be Heaven".
The danger (anaconda) theme in piano form, quite a good find.
The suspense music works, but doesn't always entertain.

Track Listing

1. Anaconda (Main Title) (4.43)
2. Watching and Waiting (4.41)
3. Night Attack (2.45)
4. This Must Be Heaven (1.36)
5. Down River (2.42)
6. Seduction (3.26)
7. Travelogue (2.42)
8. Baiting the Line (2.45)
9. My Beautiful Anna... (Conda) (2.53)
10. The Totem's Sacred Ground (2.24)
11. Sarone's Last Stand (2.59)

Total Length: 33.36
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Released by

Edel America 0036852EDL (regular release 1997)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman