American Friends

Georges Delerue

" Pretty basic for Delerue standards "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

American Friends is one of the lesser known works of Georges Delerue. And not that this implies that Delerue was less inspired by it, but somehow American Friends can't sell it completely. It's lovely at times, dramatic overall and a source cue is heard once and a while. It's pretty standard and nothing much really happens, but it's all done with the care and detail one has come to expect from the master. There's an occasional dramatic highlight ("Reverend Francis Ashby") or some nice choral music ("Rushden's Funeral" and "End Title"), but overall it's pretty standard for Delerue. Therefore it's more a background listen than anything else. For Delerue completists.

As usual, it's quality for such films.
For the trained ear of Delerue, it's pretty basic and not that memorable.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (2.35)
2. To the Alps (2.01)
3. Reverend Francis Ashby (1.51)
4. Campus Mischief (0.39)
5. College Rules (2.24)
6. Out of Time (2.04)
7. Rushden's Funeral (1.37)
8. Organ Source (0.54)
9. Romance on the Lake (1.54)
10. Staying in Oxford (2.15)
11. Unwanted Visitors (1.36)
12. Farewell to Caroline (1.32)
13. Pub Source (1.10)
14. Disgrace for All Parties (2.31)
15. Summer Cottage (0.56)
16. Elinor and Cable (1.51)
17. Croquet Break-Up (1.44)
18. Mountain Hiking (2.04)
19. Big Day Tomorrow (2.01)
20. They Left (2.20)
21. End Titles (3.04)

Total Length: 39.05
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-037 (limited release 2013)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue