Alan Silvestri

" At least it's music, not ambience. "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Allied of Alan Silvestri was an anticipated release for many. After all it's Silvestri for a Robert Zemeckis film. And yet it doesn't fully deliver. Some would even say it's quite boring. It's very light music indeed, hardly an uproar (meaning no bombastic moments here) and it's subtle and short. The subtle suspense is also lightly enhanced by electronics. So is it enough? No of course not. Does it bring more compared to others? Well in a way yes. There's a theme, an identifiable structure and several decent to good cues. Of course hardly the next best thing for the trained ear, but at least it's music and not unforgettable background ambience or noise. So even though it's hardly the next best thing, I would say at least it's music. At least it's not a Red 2. Check out the film before you buy this one.

At least you're hearing music, subtle but lovely nonetheless.
At least there's a theme. A decent and typical theme but a theme nonetheless.
I like the ideas in "Trust", there's a subtle Eraser sound in there.
Sadly sometimes a little boring too.
Nothing new for the experienced listener, somehow you remain hungry even though you ate.
The selection is unbalanced. Many source cues are used near the end while the music of Silvestri (27 min) was the most important thing to me.

Track List

1. Essaouira Desert / Main Title (5.21)
2. "What Are Our Odds?" (2.46)
3. German Embassy (2.09)
4. "It's A Girl" (2.17)
5. Trust (3.08)
6. "Best Day Ever" (1.51)
7. Confession / Escape (3.50)
8. The Letter / End Credit (6.28)
9. The Sheik of Araby * (2.33)
10. You Are my Lucky Star ** (3.06)
11. J'Attendrai *** (2.59)
12. Sing Sing Sing **** (4.10)
13. Flying Home ***** (1.56)

* Written by Ted Snyder, Harry B. Smith & Francis Wheeler, arranged by Alan Silvestri
** Written by Nacio Brown & Arthur Freed, arranged by Alan Silvestri
*** Written by Rosanna D’Agnillo, Dino Olivieri, Louis Poterat & Giuseppe Rastelli, arranged by Alan Silvestri
**** Written by Louis Prima, arranged by Alan Silvestri
***** Written by Benny Goodman & Lionel Hampton, arranged by Alan Silvestri

Total Length: 42.34
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(total of 2 votes - average 2.75/5)

Released by

Sony Classical 886446179681 (regular release 2016)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri