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    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2021 edited
    Something that occured to me the other day.

    1. FRIDAY

    - the week is over, you have two days to recover if you go on a binge. The time period between dinner (4 PM-ish) and "party" (7-ish) is the best time of the whole week. Expectations build, you gear up, take a shower, pop that first bottle of beer etc. etc.


    - Often spent in hangover mode, but still with that Sunday as a buffer.


    - Because Friday is just a day away


    - Called "Little Saturday" when I was a student. Midweek, but you're able to combine productive work with laidback sparetime if necessary

    5. MONDAY

    - Your mind is set on the following work week. A very focussed day.

    6. TUESDAY

    - It's still in the beginning of the week, and the weekend is far away. But the "let's go" mood of Monday is gone.

    7. SUNDAY

    - the most boring and frustrating day of the week. Work day is coming up, you have no room for drinks. Everything is pretty much closed. Great day if you like outdoors hikes and have a family, terrible day for people like me who hate hikes and don't have any family of my own. Sundays can go suck a donkey stick!
    I am extremely serious.
  1. I can honestly say that I don't have a ranking for any day of the week. Yes, the weekend is 'better' since it is not (usually) a time for working. But, other than that, the days are pretty much the same.
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  2. I currently work a Sunday-Thursday shift, so my rankings are a bit skewed by that. From worst to best:

    1. Tuesday. Midweek blues. The weekend is a distant memory and the upcoming one is still so far away.
    2. Monday. Usually my most productive day (though obviously not today since I'm writing this lol), my work energy tends to wane from this point onwards.
    3. Wednesday. Still not the weekend yet but it's getting closer.
    4. Sunday. It's my Monday, but I have no meetings, fewer people are around (including my supervisors) and I work an hour less so it's a nice relaxing way to start the work week with a longer-than-usual afternoon and evening.
    5. Thursday. I have the most meetings that day, which is a bit of a minus, but hey it's weekend, and as Thor says, the best part of the entire week is the evening after you finish work and have TWO days of freedom still ahead of you.
    6. Saturday. It stops feeling like a weekend by the evening, but other than that it's the best day for relaxing and doing "nothing".
    7. Friday. The only day where I get to both sleep in and not worry about going to work the next day, it's truly the free-est day of the week and the best day for doing some nice activities.