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  1. The Omega Productions Records is an independent label, specialized in editing French B-movies "French'xploitation" soundtracks.

    The "productions" of Omega are primarily the protection of a French heritage ignored for many decades, for lack of editions. However, beyond the cinematic "trash" aspect to which they are related, these compositions mix a wide range of sounds; from string score to concrete music, through electronic or electro-acoustic experiments. A domain just waiting to be reclaimed, within a process that is both musicological and cultural.

    The composers are numerous, flirting with the music bookseller (Daniel J. White for Montparnasse 2000, Christian Bonneau and Yan Tregger for Musical Touch Sound) as well as the music of horror and pornographic movies or more generally the mood of time. A climate conducive to musical creation, leading to many different and (very) varied catalogs. A true modern archeology is being set up, in order to get the best of these little bits of the history of French film music.

    Under the most favorable circumstances, these catalogs are stored in archives of composers, producers or sometimes their relatives in the form of magnetic tapes. The edition is then simpler, most often claiming to include unpublished and other studio falls with the best possible sound quality. Sometimes the musicians or producers themselves admit that they no longer have the bands due to the storage or contractual conditions of the time. These ones are in a state of waiting, and can reappear with the greatest of luck (we can mention the recent and emblematic case of the movie Les Chemins de Katmandou).

    Here finally comes the most dreaded case of publishing, where the bands are officially destroyed or erased. If we judge the sound score much too important to be discarded, our efforts will ultimately focus on the only remaining source, the international version of the film (optical track on 35mm copy or 1/4" analogue tape). We started our label in these conditions for our first volume, Le Lac des morts vivants.

    The Omega Productions Records is committed to provide the best CD editions possible with respect to the audio restoration or the container. Our booklets of 12 to 16 pages offer many liner notes of speakers (composer, producers, actors or specialists) and unpublished photos, in collaboration with rights holders and other private collectors. We pay particular attention to the supports and boxes as well as the shipments, and the quality of our services.

    Since ref. TOP-011CD and following a will of a circuit as short as possible by respect for our composers and listeners, please find our products exclusively in the following physical and digital stores: Metaluna Store (store • Paris, France), Hors-Circuits (store • Paris, France), Music Box Records (Internet • France), VascoCiné (Internet • France), and Ark Enterprise (store • Tokyo, Japan).
    We also distribute ourselves through the only Discogs.com website.

    100% "Made in France", from restoration to pressing, ensuring an entirely French quality.

    The editions are restored and developed by Lucas Giorgini, discographic and graphic designer of the collections.


    "Horreur à la française" collection:

    Vol. I - Le Lac des morts vivants • Daniel J. White • TOP-007CD

    For the first time on CD, limited edition of 500 copies. Booklet of 16 pages, with galleries of posters and other lobby cards.

    01 - Opening ("Atlantide Story")* (3:41)
    02 - Diurnal Melody for a Bird** (1:03)
    03 - Aquatic Sequence (#1 - with SFX) (1:12)
    04 - First Attack (1:46)
    05 - "Le Lac ! Le Lac ! Oh Le Lac !"** (0:12)
    06 - Love Scene (#1) ("Monologue pour piano") (3:56)
    07 - Nudist Sequence (With SFX) ("Joie")* (3:28)
    08 - Love Scene (#2) ("Eromantic Violins")* (3:07)
    09 - Aquatic Sequence (#2) (1:07)
    10 - Love Scene (#3) ("Vox Intima")* (2:23)
    11 - Peasant Terror (#1 - with SFX) (2:25)
    12 - "Promizoulin !"** (0:47)
    13 - Aquatic Sequence (#3 - with SFX) (0:50)
    14 - Peasant Terror (#2) (2:26)
    15 - Horror (0:10)
    16 - Love Scene (#4) (1:33)
    17 - Aquatic Sequence (#4) (2:37)
    18 - Night Symphony for a Bird** (1:03)
    19 - Aquatic Sequence (#5) (0:47)
    20 - Love Scene (#5) (3:15)
    21 - Aquatic Sequence (#6) (0:43)
    22 - Peasant Terror (#3) (1:41)

    23 - French Trailer (Audio) (2:55)

    * Tracks from Daniel J. White's library music albums.
    ** Quotes from the film.

    Total duration • 43:19
    Selling price • 11,99 €

    Vol. II - La Revanche des mortes vivantes • Christopher Ried • TOP-008CD

    For the first time on CD, limited edition of 500 copies. 12-pages booklet with internal notes by John Bender and Christian Bonneau.

    01 - Terror Shout (0:31)
    02 - Phantasia (2:12)
    03 - Occult Voices (3:08)
    04 - Tomb Opening (1:58)
    05 - Death Ceremonial (2:56)
    06 - Slow Words (3:23)
    07 - Mystic Empire (3:33)
    08 - Space Wind (3:08)
    09 - Grave (2:50)
    10 - Cemetery (0:34)
    11 - Day of the Dead (2:48)
    12 - Death Sounds (0:35)

    13 - Death Moments (#1) (0:28)
    14 - Death Moments (#2) (0:48)
    15 - Death Moments (#3) (0:34)
    16 - Death Moments (#4) (0:56)
    17 - Death Moments (#5) (0:48)

    18 - Mystic Organ (1:22)
    19 - Evil Blow (3:18)
    20 - Odyssey (3:16)
    21 - Doom (2:46)

    Total duration • 42:29
    Selling price • 11,99 €

    Vol. III - Il était une fois le diable • Paul Piot & Michel Roy • TOP-009CD

    For the first time on CD, limited edition of 500 copies. 12-pages booklet, with internal notes by Rurik Sallé.

    01 - Main Theme (Devil Story) (8:07)
    02 - Normandy Land (2:24)
    03 - The Boat Legend (3:04)
    04 - Castle Theme (Toccata and Fugue in D Minor: BWV 565) (9:22)
    05 - The Chase (5:36)
    06 - Main Theme (Reprise) (8:07)
    07 - Normandy Land (Reprise) (2:24)

    08 - Unreleased Track #1 (2:40)
    09 - Unreleased Track #2 (0:28)
    10 - Unreleased Track #3 (0:56)
    11 - Unreleased Track #4 (2:54)
    12 - Unreleased Track #5 (0:27)
    13 - Unreleased Track #6 (2:35)
    14 - Unreleased Track #7 (1:37)

    Total duration • 51:30
    Selling price • 11,99 €

    Vol. IV - Mad Mutilator / Trepanator • Jean Richard / Patrick Giordano • TOP-010CD

    For the first time on CD, limited edition of 500 copies. 12-pages booklet, with internal notes by Alain Petit.


    01 - Mad Mutilator (Rasta Reaper) (3:37)
    02 - The Chase (2:18)
    03 - Ogroff's Electronic Suite (19:17)

    Duration • 25:13


    04 - Trepanator (Main Titles) (1:32)
    05 - Trepanator (Seq. 2) (1:46)
    06 - Trepanator (Seq. 3) (3:04)
    07 - Trepanator (Seq. 4) (0:43)
    08 - Trepanator (Seq. 5) (1:08)
    09 - Trepanator (Seq. 6) (0:55)
    10 - Trepanator (Seq. 7) (0:28)
    11 - Trepanator (Seq. 8 ) (1:33)
    12 - Trepanator (Seq. 9) (0:46)
    13 - Trepanator (Seq. 10) (1:42)
    14 - Trepanator (Seq. 11) (0:20)
    15 - Trepanator (Seq. 12) (4:04)
    16 - Trepanator (Seq. 13) (3:04)
    17 - Trepanator (End Titles) (2:53)

    Duration • 24:03

    Total duration • 49:16
    Selling price • 11,99 €

    Vol. V - "Philippe d'Aram for Jean Rollin, opus 3 & 6" - The Living Dead Girl / Dracula's Fiancee • Philippe d'Aram • TOP-011CD

    As a music player inseparable of the universe of Jean Rollin, Philippe d'Aram composed for The Living Dead Girl a partition both dark and melancholic. Twenty years later, the similar sounds of Dracula's Fiancee – from percussion to synthesizers and string pieces – will echo it. This musical polyvalence serves perfectly the images of the master of the fantastic French style.

    Straight from composer's original master tapes, this edition contains for the first time the full score of The Living Dead Girl, including three unpublished tracks. With the help of Daniel Gouyette, Dracula's Fiancee is published for the first time on physical media in its full version.

    The 16-pages booklet includes bilingual (French / English) internal notes by Philippe d'Aram and an introduction by Lucas Giorgini, as well as numerous shooting pictures from the director's archives. This edition also offers two reversible covers.

    Limited collector’s edition of 500 copies with a postcard (exclusive to our website).

    01 - La Morte vivante (3:15)
    02 - Retour au château (2:52)
    03 - La boîte à musique (1:26)
    04 - Les retrouvailles* (0:27)
    05 - La proie (1:29)
    06 - La morte dans la crypte (1:18)
    07 - Le petit bal* (1:01)
    08 - Le petit bal rock* (0:42)
    09 - Le petit bal slow (3:21)
    10 - Le suicide (1:41)

    Total time • 17:32

    11 - La Fiancée de Dracula (3:12)
    12 - La comptine (0:33)*
    13 - La nuit du cimetière (3:41)
    14 - La Folle de la tour maudite (0:28)
    15 - Le gramophone (1:41)
    16 - Isabelle rêve (1:21)
    17 - La danse des Mille et une Nuits (1:23)
    18 - L’attaque (1:32)
    19 - L’antre de l’Ogresse (1:34)
    20 - La cérémonie (1:03)
    21 - La crypte de l’Horloge (4:03)
    22 - L’errance de la sœur Tourière (2:14)*
    23 - La bague de fiançailles (1:59)
    24 - La Vampire et Triboulet (1:15)
    25 - Requiescat in pace (1:39)
    26 - L’apparition de Dracula (2:28)
    27 - Liberté (3:11)

    *Missing tracks from Philippe d'Aram's master tapes and extracted from the international versions of the motion pictures.

    Total time • 33:17

    Total disc time • 50:49

    Selling price • 15,99€

    Extracts and purchases on www.theomegaproductionsrecords.com/

    Facebook • https://www.facebook.com/theomegaproductionsrecords

    Instagram • https://www.instagram.com/theomegaprodrecords

    Bandcamp • https://theomegaproductionsrecords.bandcamp.com

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,

    The Omega Productions Records,
  2. We will announce Wednesday, February 13th, our next two titles scheduled for April 24th, 2019: two CDs, two vinyls (including a 2xLP), volume I and II of our Nouvelle vague horrifique collection.

    The Omega Productions Records had the chance and the honor to be able to edit two soundtracks by the most controversial French director of the 2000s... in direct collaboration with the greatest icon of French pop.

    Rendez-vous on March 6th for preorders' opening, that we hope... fierce! More informations soon.

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,

    The Omega Productions Records,
  3. The Omega Productions Records is very proud to reveal volumes I and II of our new collection Nouvelle vague horrifique dedicated to the French fantastic cinema of the 2000s:

    It will be the soundtracks composed respectively by Seppuku Paradigm, George Boukoff, Anthony d'Amario and Ed Rig for the films Martyrs (2008) and Ghostland (2018), directed by Pascal Laugier.

    As a result of a closed collaboration with Eskwad, 5656 Films, Pascal Laugier, Paul van Parys and all the composers, these two scores will be released on April 24th on vinyl (including a double album for Ghostland), CD and digital download.

    These editions will be limited to 1000 vinyl copies and 500 CDs. We can't currently know how preorders will progress. We will try to satisfy the greatest number, without press to the request for the moment.

    The official visuals will be disclosed at the opening of the preorders to be held on March 6th at 10:00 am (French time), exclusively on our online store (www.theomegaproductionsrecords.com).
    Our goal? To allow each of you to order in the best possible conditions, to satisfy you.

    For more informations, follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/theomegaproductionsrecords), Twitter (@TheOmegaRecords) and Instagram (@theomegaprodrecords),


    The Omega Productions Records,

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,
    • CommentAuthorJoep
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2019
    Thank you for releasing Martyrs!

    My review:
  4. The Omega Productions Records is proud to annonce our new vinyl and CD releases as our first volume of our next collection Amour à la française.

    This brand new collection is dedicated to the original soundtracks of scamp, erotic and pornographic cinema, rare or unpublished on CD format. Beyond its controversy, adult cinema has enjoyed intense musical freedom, bustling around classical composers like Daniel J. White, Yan Tregger as well as disco madness by Alain Wisniak.

    We will reveal the title June, 3rd on all social networks. Preorders will start June, 15th only at our website.

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,

    The Omega Productions Records,
  5. For the first time ever on LP and CD, L'Amour à la bouche (A.K.A Mannequin) original motion picture soundtrack composed by Yan Tregger will be the first volume of our "Amour à la française" collection (cat. TOP-014).

    Visuals, tracklist and all technical specificities will be revealed until June 15th, start of the preorders exclusively at www.theomegaproductionsrecords.com.

    During this time, we offer -40% on our first releases until June 10th. Don't be slow to collect all our Omega release before the definitive sold-out.

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,

    The Omega Productions Records,
  6. Last week-end to enjoy -40% of reduction in our first CD releases, including original soundtracks from THE REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS, DEVIL STORY and MAD MUTILATOR in double feature with TREPANATOR.

    Amazing electronic and bizarre scores from cult Eurotrash films.

    Exclusively at www.theomegaproductionsrecords.com until tomorrow at 10 p.m.

    Lucas Giorgini,
    Label manager,

    The Omega Productions Records,
  7. On preorder today • Collection Amour à la française • Vol. I (TOP-014LP / CD / D)

    The Omega Productions Records is proud to present for the first time ever the original motion picture soundtrack of L’Amour à la bouche a.k.a Mannequin (1974), composed by Yan Tregger.

    PREORDER ➡ www.theomegaproductionsrecords.com/amour-a-la-francaise

    Distributed one year before the implementation of the French X law, L'Amour à la bouche is the first erotic film directed by Gérard Kikoïne (Jess Franco or Claude Mulot editor). He’s famous today for his « films d’Amour » that he directed during the french porn golden age, some with Brigitte Lahaie or Marilyn Jess. A few years before Education of the Baroness, this production offers a true vision of the aftermath May 68' sexual liberation, between extravagant swingers and social debauchery.

    This groovy soundtrack is composed by Yan Tregger, also known as Ted Scotto. If he isn't the most well-knowed French musicians of his decade, his music is particularly related to the diggers' culture and others underground library collectors. Composed during a pre-disco period for Montparnasse 2000, the album oscillates between nervous beats, funky strings, "à la Gainsbourg" bass-sounds and more intimate compositions inherited from Italy.

    Resulting from a close collaboration between Yan Tregger, Gérard Kikoïne and The Omega Productions Records, this CD edition contains for the first time ever the full score and a 12 pages-booklet with liner notes by Yan Tregger. Vinyl release is pressed on 150gr black wax and housed in a gatefold cover including liner notes from the composer.

    Collector’s edition strictly limited to 500 copies.
    Streaming and digital download (TOP-014D) soon.

    A1. L’Amour à la bouche (02:43)
    A2. Tirage coquin (03:26)
    A3. Thème d’amour (02:45)
    A4. Plaisir solitaire (03:24)
    A5. Cancan (photo)graphique (03:56)
    A6. Transgression (05:28)

    B1. Préliminaires gastronomiques (02:45)
    B2. Frankenstein délivré (02:15)
    B3. Festivités orgiaques (03:38)
    B4. Décadence (01:23)
    B5. Les festivités continuent … (01:09)
    B6. Naiveté charnelle (01:40)
    B7. La traque (00:47)
    B8. Fin de partie (02:46)

    Total disc time • 38:12

    Photographic credits • Gérard Kikoïne & Francis Mischkind

    ℗ 1974. Yan Tregger
    © 2019. Alpha France
    ℗ 2019. The Omega Productions Records